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Welcome to! is a website for people who love to read, create and share ideas about all types of fiction.   Members can submit their stories, screenplays, poems, art or any other finished or unfinished works.   Members can then read and provide constructive advice on the submitted works from other members. Members can also review and comment on new and past movies, books, comics or any other fiction work!   This website is designed to provide a place for our members to let their imagination run wild and explore the limitless possibilities of the worlds of fiction.   This is the reason why we ask our members:

                          “What worlds will your imagination create?

Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing and creating fictional works?

  • Have you wondered how far your works can take you as an artist or professional author?

  • Have you ever wondered if your works could make you the next great fiction writer such as Isaac Asimov, J.K. Rowling or Stephen King?

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  • Have you ever stood in front of the fiction sections of your local bookstore and wondered "Is this all of the works that are published today?"

  • If there are other creative authors and incredible works that have not been published because a publisher or editor has deemed the work "not good enough" for publication?

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  • How as a professional you can reach your fans about your new works and introduce yourself and your work to fiction lovers who have not seen your work?

  • If as a professional you may want to submit new fiction ideas and get feedback from members on what "works" or "does not work" and refine your work accordingly?

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  • If you would like to be a member of a website that informs you of the latest:

      • Science news on astronomy, biology, physics and other science?

      • Fiction news for new movies, books, TV and other media?

      • Convention news for Comic-Cons, Star Trek and Horror conventions?

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For aspiring authors, reviewers and artists

  • Create your works in any fictional categories such as science fiction, fantasy, action adventure, horror or general fiction. Submit your works in our Stories, Community Stories or Art sections. An example of a story submissions can be seen on our home page or by click here to be taken to that page.

  • An example of our submissions page can be seen below:

  • - In the story submission page we ask you to fill in the story name, any warnings and chapter number

    - Then enter the actual story and any comments you may have about the nature of the story that you would like members to be aware of.

  • We have also created a section called "community stories" where members can work in a collaborative way to create exceptional fictional stories. All can participate in contributing to these stories. Community stories are started when one member submits a story section. Members can then add on to this initial story submission. The story submission has to then be voted on by the community to accept or reject the addition. The voting period lasts between 4-5 days. Once the voting decision of the story addition has been made, a new story addition can be added. Multiple story additions cannot be submitted while a story addition is being voted on.

  • For those members who wish to write a story with only specific members, we are in the process of creating a way to do this.

  • Once your works have been submitted, members can view and comment on the work. As soon as a member comments on your work, an email will be sent to you notifying you that a comment has been submitted on that specific work. You can then sign in and see what comments have been made.

  • As a writer of fiction you can also observe how writers develop their works. We have set up the submission section so that when a chapter is updated, the update does not rewrite the chapter; it creates a new version of that chapter.

  • To help writers with the technical aspects of writing we created a resources page that contains everything from name generators, dictionaries and encyclopedias to character development tools. Additionally, to help in the creative process we also have scoured the web to find interesting news articles on the latest scientific discoveries in fields such as biology, physics and archeology to name just a few (Please click here for an example). These stories are updated every 2-3 weeks.

For lovers of fiction

  • The works submitted on our site are available for all members to read and discuss with other members. These works do not have to convince an editor that they are worthy of publication. All works are from the creative minds of our members and all are novel. Previously published works are not allowed on our site.

  • As a fiction lover just imagine the infinite fiction worlds that await you in our members area.

  • It is true that the works submitted to our website will not be as polished as a completely edited work, like you would find in a book store. In this website you can see what the author truly intended the story to be.

For professionals

  • As a creative artists, that has published works, we would like to make our members familiar with your works. We have created a "Professional Member" page that will provide a link to your published works outside of These links can also be to purchasing websites such as, were members can purchase your works directly from To see an example of this section we are showing you what a hypothetical Isaac Asimov professional author page would look like below:

  • profession sales links

  • As a creative artists, there maybe ideas or story lines that you have always thought may be good but have not had a chance to test them out. Our website offers you the opportunity to test your ideas on our members.

  • Advertize your appearances, signings and promotional tours to your fans.

For individuals who want to get the latest news on new fiction and scientific discoveries

  • A page has been created for members who are interested in the latest fiction or science news picked by our staff. An example of these sites can be seen by clicking on Fiction News or Science News. In these pages we have also provided links to some popular sites within these two categories.

  • We have also become aware that some of our members would like to get information on upcoming convention dates. These conventions are for science fiction, horror or general fiction. An example of these sites can be seen by clicking here.

Please report any problems using our contact page.

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