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General Site Questions
What is this site about?
     Have you ever gone to a book store and looked at the selection of published books and said, "Is this it"? Have you ever thought there must be more ideas out there that have not been published? Have you ever thought that your fiction story would make a good book but have never had a chance to write it down? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this site is for you!

     This site is dedicated to fiction fans who want to try their hand at writing fiction or would like to just read what other members have written.
Is this a fan fiction site?
     No. The content that is submitted must be your own creation and the characters and worlds being used in the content must be from your own imagination. You are not permitted to use characters or worlds from copyrighted materials, including but not limited to Star Trek®, Star Wars®, comic books, computer and role playing games, film or TV. Please for our Terms of Use.
How much is it to join the site?
     Nothing! The site is free for anyone to join and use!
How to use the site?
     Please visit the "About US" page by to get a description on the use of the site.
What if I get a page error?
     If you are experiencing problems with our contact page or do not want to use our contact page, please send us an email directly to
What happens to disruptive members on the site?
     Your enjoyment of the MSFS website is very important to us. If there are MSFS members who are being disruptive and are not following the "Terms of Use" of this website, these members will be notified to cease and desist their indiscretions. If they continue to not be a good citizen of the MSFS community, they will be asked to leave as described in our "Terms of Use".
What is the recommended web browser?
     Our recommended web browser is Mozilla's Firefox. We have tested a number of other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google's Chrome and Safari. We have only extensively tested our website with Firefox and some functionality of the website may not work with other web browsers. If you experience problems with the website and are not using Firefox, please contact us using our contact page or email us at
How is my submitted work copyright protected?
     All original works submitted to are automatically protected under copyright law. For each submission we add “Copyright © [your name] [year of posting]” to signify that this work is being published (with your permission) in the year stated. This does not mean that the work has been registered with the US Copyright Office and, indeed, does not provide copyright registration services. (Registration is a prerequisite to suing for infringement of U.S. works and provides improved remedies, but is not a precondition to a claim of copyright. Copyright registration is not difficult and a new procedure makes it particularly easy to register copyrights in a single work. For details see It is up to individual members to register their copyright claim in the works they submit if they deem it necessary. If you believe that your work has been improperly used without your permission and you would like to take legal action against this copyright infringement, we recommended you obtain legal counsel for advice and (if not yet registered) help to register your work with the US Copyright Office. (Of course, if the alleged infringement takes place on our website, please refer to our contained in our Terms of Service.
Sign In and Registration
How do you Register?
     Please go to the "Create Account" page and fill in the information requested.
I did not receive a confirmation email after registering.
     If you do not get a confirmation email of registration, please check your spam folder in your email account. If the email is in your spam folder, please designate emails from as legitimate. Contact your email provider as to how to do this.
Is there an age restriction to enter the site?
     If you are over the age of 18, there are no restrictions. If you are between the ages of 13-18, you need to get the permission of your parent or legal guardian to access the website. If you are below the age of 13, you are restricted from entering the website even with the approval of a parent or legal guardian.
Is there an inactivity logout and can it be changed?
     Yes, we have instituted an inactivity logout which signs you out after 2 hours. This is done for the security of the site and for the security of you account and profile. We strongly recommend that you sign out of your account when you are stepping away from our website or your computer. Only we can change the duration of inactivity logout.
Why do you use PayPal for financial transactions?
     One of our security features is that we do not keep your financial information, such as a credit card number, on our site. PayPal retains this information and only sends us a confirmation stating that you have made a payment. We rely on PayPal's security to make sure that your transaction is as secure as possible.
Does PayPal accept credit cards?
     Yes, PayPal accepts all payment types. Please visit their site for more information.
Can I pay without being a PayPal member?
     Yes, you can submit your payment information to PayPal as guest without having a PayPal account.
Submission Rules
Rules of Etiquette
  • To become better authors or artists, we need to have our works evaluated. In this website, members will be critiquing other member’s works. If you are a member who has never critiqued a work, please see the guidelines below for how to do this. Having your works critiqued can be a very stressful experience for both the novice and experienced author. We do not like to hear negative comments about our works. It is important to think of the critique not as a personal attack but as a way to help us achieve greatness for our works. However, critiques that attack the authors themselves or are solely negative without constructive criticism are not allowed (see our Term of Use for activities not allowed by ).

  • Always be mindful that our members will be at different stages of writing or artistic capability. Since we are all trying to become better writers, it is very important to be patient and respectful of others. What may seem completely obvious to you may be just as unapparent to other members.

  • Below are a few guidelines to give you an idea for how to critique works:
    • For submitted stories:

      • Are the characters developed well? Do they have a background history or does the author just state the character’s name and that they did something?

      • Does the story have a flow? Does the author skip around from one scene to another without a smooth transition?

      • What can be added or removed to make the story better?

      For submitted reviews:

      • For reviews on written works, see above for what a review on a story can consist of, then evaluate if the review author accounted for these questions.

      • For reviews on movies, has the review author commented on the quality of direction, writing, editing, costume design, set design and background music?

  • Constructive criticism is the only way we will all become better authors or artists.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us using our contact page or by .
Your Personal Home Page
What can I find and do on my personalized member home page?
  • You can change your personal information.

  • You can discuss your works, what you are reading and your thoughts about fiction in your personal blog.

  • You can view messages from members and reply to those messages.

  • You can view all of your submissions on one page.

Professional Member Page
How can I register as a professional member?
     Please contact the administrator using our contact page or email us at with your information and we will set you up as a professional member.
What constitutes an established/published member?
     These are individuals who have published works in a novel or in a magazine for money.
If I put my works in, am I not a published member?
     Technically, yes. However we will only consider you a Professional member if your work is sold or viewed outside of
Once I publish/sell my work outside of, can I be considered a published member?
     Yes, and we will set up a page for you in our professionals section.
Can I advertize my published works on the site?
     Absolutely! That is the whole point of the "Professional Member" section of our site. We want your fans to know about the works you have created and where they can go to purchase them. We will set up links to these works (such as links to so that our members can access them and purchase them there. To set up these links, please contact the administrator using our contact page or email us at with the information.
Can I put my previously published works on this site if I own the copyright of the material?
  • Only if you have it published on your personal website and no place else.
  • If your work is published as a novel and wish to put an excerpt (or the whole book) on this site, you will need to review the publishing contract for that book. Most book publishing contracts give the publisher control over use of the work including print rights and excerpting. Therefore, you may need to obtain permission from the publisher to display an excerpt (or the whole book) on this site.
  • If you have an article or art work in a periodical, comic book or book and wish to put only that individual article or art on the site. If you have a written contract, you should check to see what you agreed to – some periodical publishers control subsequent uses, some do not. If you need permission, you should get it. If the contract leaves you with the right to reprint, or if there is no written agreement, then you can post to this site.
How do you submit a story?
     Please see our "About Us" page to get an idea of our submission pages.
Can I delete or modify a submitted story?
     No. The development of a story from conception, to 1st draft, to revisions, to the final draft, is a process that all writers go through. We believe that this process needs to be seen by novice writers so that it can be understood that writing a story is not a simple process and writers go through many revisions to get to the final product. What we do allow is the submission of a new version of the story, and you can submit as many versions of the story as you would like. We allow our members to see all the versions so they can observe the evolution of the final product. For more information about this process, please see our "About Us" page.
How long are newly uploaded stories kept in the "new" category?
     We keep the most recently submitted stories in the "new" story categories. The rest of the stories go to the "Archived Stories" page.
Resources For Development Of Stories
     To help writers with the technical aspects of writing, we created a resources page that contains everything from name generators, dictionaries and encyclopedias to character development tools. These tools are helpful to both the experienced and novice authors.
Community Stories
How long is the community story addition waiting period?
     We allow a 5 day waiting period for our members to read and comment on the story addition.
How many additions or successive additions can I make?
     You can make as many additions to a community story as you want. However, if there is already a story addition being voted on, you will have to wait until the vote on that story addition is complete before a new story addition is added.
What happens to the addition if no one votes?
     If no one votes on the story addition, then the addition gets automatically added to the community story
How is a community story is finished
     Community stories can progress indefinitely. Upon the request of community story contributors, an editor can finalize the community story and move the community story to the submitted stories section. Authorship credit will be assigned to all community story contributors.
Art Work
Do you watermark images?
     We watermark ( logo) to all images uploaded to our site. This is so that images are not copied off of the site without the permission of or the creator of the artwork.
Recommended image and file size
     Our recommend art work image size is 730x410 pixels. You can upload image sizes larger than the recommended size however we do not guarantee the image quality. The limit of the image file size is 2mb. We accept jpg, png and gif file extensions. If your file is in another format such as tif, please convert it to one of the file formats we accept. Please contact us if you have question by using our contact page or .

Please report any problems using our contact page.

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